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Of course, there are other costs attached to selling a home, like real estate taxes and various closing fees. When looking at potential real estate companies to list your home through, the amount of commission you pay is just one factor in determining who can help you net the most from your sale.
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Q: What does your commission cover?

A: Full service from start to finish while your house is listed with us. This includes the basics such as a yard sign and lock box, property photos and inclusion into the BLC (MIBOR’s version of the MLS), Additionally, we will coordinate all of your showings. While listed, we will be in regular contact to keep you up to date on feedback from buyers who have toured your home, as well as on market conditions to help ensure that your house is positioned optimally in the market. Once an offer is received, we will act as your trusted advisor, negotiating like a bulldog on your behalf and and overseeing the sale from contract to closing.

Q: Can you explain commissions to me?

A: Absolutely! When a home is listed for sale with a REALTOR®, an offer of compensation is made to other agent members of the local real estate board. This is known as a buyer’s agent commission. This commission is a portion of the total commission fee agreed upon when your house is listed. For example, if you list your house at a 7% total commission, there might be 3.5% offered to buyer agents, with the other 3.5% retained by the listing company. Once commission is paid out at closing, those amounts may be split further between the agent and his or her broker, depending upon the compensation arrangement they have made.

Q: Why do you charge a marketing fee up front?

A: The fee we charge helps pay for professional photography and the overall marketing of your home. Doing this along with keeping our overhead low are a couple of ways we can keep our side of the total commission to 2.5%, instead of a 3 – 3.5% commission.

Q: How will you market my home?

A: Professional photography is paramount to showing your home at its best, as photos flow to all other advertising methods. In addition to marketing to other agents in the BLC, your home will be syndicated to scores of national search portals like, Trulia and Zillow, as well as to thousands of real estate company and agent websites. Your home will have a virtual tour created, and will be marketed to social media outlets like Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest and Twitter. Additionally, listings will be marketed with targeted postcards. High-end homes receive the added boost of our luxury marketing program.

Q: Do you hold open houses?

A: I do, but I have found over the years that the majority of home sales have occurred without needing an open house. If one is to be done, I believe it should be done within the first 10 days that a home is on the market.

Q: What should I do to get my house ready to sell?

A: Simple. Just head over to my blog. You’ll find all you need to know there!

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Down, down, down we go. The number of homes available for buyers to see keeps dwindling. It’s hard to believe that 10 years ago, Brownsburg could have as many as 600 homes for sale in a given month. I’m not saying those days are over forever, but a decade of falling inventory is a pretty strong trend.

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Of course marketing your house is important to selling, but don’t place all of your pigs in that blanket. Do not overlook how a good REALTOR will do all of the other things on your behalf.

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Virtual hoarder, that is. The first step is admitting you have a problem.


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