Real Estate Confidential: “I’M A HOARDER!”

OK, maybe not the kind of hoarder depicted on those wonderful A&E shows, but I am one, just the same.

My hoarding of choice is the virtual kind. I hoard documents, spreadsheet, photos, videos and email. I also hoard screen grabs, zip files, .exe files and applications. As well as shortcuts to all of these and to websites; I’ve never seen a bookmark I didn’t like.

The first step is admitting you have a problem.

I usually set aside a few days during the dead of winter to go through my computer(s) with the intention of freeing up space and getting rid of old files. Somehow, this task never gets fully accomplished. Today, I found myself falling once again down that rabbit hole.

Probably the main weakness I have is that I love to create and test buying and selling systems for clients. I’ve been in real estate since 2002, and I still have a hefty amount of files from back then,

I’ve hoarded now through six real estate companies (two of them, twice). I keep recreating files, doing little more than updating contact info and logos on them to keep them current. What do I do with the old files? Send them to the recycle bin? Surely you jest! I create new folders called something like “Archive 2007” or “Computer Cleanout 2012.”

Because, you know… I might just need those again sometime.

One of my favorite pastimes involves watching webinars and trying to screen grab every slide that’s shown. Probably that and taking photos and resizing them 12 different ways – keeping each one because you never know when one’ll come in handy.

So anyway, this is what I’ve found myself doing this afternoon. And darn it, I am determined to reclaim some much-needed hard drive real estate!


In the meantime, I’ve created a new folder.